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Exam Schedules are published for each Fall and Spring Semester: Attendance at your Final Exam is expected. Please check your final exam schedule before making your travel plans. Instructors are not required to allow makeup times or reschedule finals because of your travel plans. Final Exams for May Session and Summer Term vary according to the course; contact the instructor for details.

Exam schedules listed as "Draft" have not been confirmed and are subject to change; please check back to determine if your exam schedule has been updated.

Click here to see the Fall Final Exam Schedule  

Click here to see the Spring Final Exam Schedule  

Can't find your exam? Click [Ctrl] - F in the document to search for your course & section.

The Finals Week policy approved by the faculty states "that any student with more than two tests on a given day be allowed to petition an instructor to have one of the tests moved." You must validate the petition in the Registrar's Office before you approach any instructor petitioning them to move an exam.

Click here to get a "3 Exams" petition .

Direct any questions and concerns regarding the final exam schedule to the Registrar's Office.